Let us begin,

Man, is the resonance existence. In rhythm he does energy, bounded to the laws of fruition, Infinity, season, chaos, soul. The anatomy from the soul is the center and hearth of the entire body, a wonder of nature. So that within is without, and without like within. Inside becomes outside, as outside is the art of inside. Here the transpiration of harmonic principles develops foundations of life.

The mind a womb, with the entire processes of the cosmos, and its purpose is to make the body its truth. And it serves another purpose, it is the snake that guards the body from its dragon's breath. It distributes itself in words and language. A morphological generation of reality, this alone expresses the science from beginning to end through description, but carries no thought of its own until that of its spectator contemplates it. As observation is of thought, and itself a thought of observation, of recognition a correspondence between inferior and superior divisions about geometric extension.

Immersion into this design, is whence the body teaches the spirit. Your bearing and mental attitude, one takes itself to the harmonious symmetries of the mind to recapitulate conscious creation ad infinitum. It is to know axis with permanency in image of past, present, future. This is the foundation of wisdom, where everything is completed already. Therefore time proceeds without delay and his his own motion, he would realise the fundamental roots and projected measures of his skill and will. Whereby he will render in itself the truth of matters.

It is made in material and conjecture as the words demonstrate mind over matter, like heaven above earth. And Earth under heavens, what is between is only the designs of full and half, mortal and immortal, material and mental. And this they complete each other. Thus, these principles are again repeated in boundaries to the depths or the heights. And in this, where oh so does this soul lie in the world? Such is the measure one must make, for all souls to be enriched like the owl watching Eden, in the measures of one master ruler. That ruler can be of many ways but there is only one way in life, and that is truth. Think, model, create, there are not many ways of thought other than creation. As you see, with the virtues of the mind and a heart of truth, enact mastery.

Once this is formed in and out a model composed, he may seek to connect all things together, make temporal to any part of it, that it is simultaneous and reflective, and angle it to infinity for he has refined and polished perception. The demon and angels will take over its intellect, from here that same design will permeate throughout your organism as the beginning of my article.

You ask me, then if this is of our design. Then what use is logic and emotion? I tell you, that both are strategic and based in warfare, for both gives the way of survival. And it is in your thought, may we achieve peace? Then I tell you, it is of greatest fulfillment to bring paradise to our Eden.

Spiritual Bearing
The spirit should be evenly spread allowing you to pour in thought in any place. The spirit remains whole and gradual without any feeling of strain. Quietly observe your frame of mind, it can either be in the center or decentralised, it can be high or low with left and right. Whatever your attitude, the spirit is not distant, loose, not close or tight. The spirit is ready for anything at all times.

The observation of nature should be broad and all encompassing, percieving the anatomy inside and outside as the same thing. Because both small and large details deserves equal attention, and everything is connected and true in nature. In your own heart and eyes, you must be unrestrained and see things freely. There are three levels of observation, the lowest level is the impression on the surface. Middle level is proportion and rhythm. High level observation is natural and comfortable without any delay. Moreover when you do something, it should be to carry yourself through it whatever your skill level.

Seek to be as harmonious as possible from beginning to end, no matter what the timing it is. You must build your mind and body up to create the final product, remain tranquil with the body correct and straight. Do not abide in the body but in knowledge, as the rhythm is always according to conditions set.

There is only one thing in the end and thats your art, your creation. Whether there are 7 or 20 or different approaches or ways to do something. In the end when you do something, your mind is settled on completing the final image.